Tech Funda Academy

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

– Warren Buffett

Welcome to Tech Funda, an academic initiative by one of the leading financial market companies in the country – Adroit Group! Tech Funda was incorporated for the sole purpose of helping individuals learn all the ins and outs of financial markets and investments. This endeavor came into existence after we recognized the pain points of stock market analysts and professionals in this domain, struggling with the basic concepts of surviving in the competitive and cutthroat financial market today.

Through Tech Funda Academy, we strive to offer you unmatched exposure to the real-time market through our top-notch simulators and professional faculty. The primary requirement of a training institute is good infrastructure, well qualified & experienced faculty and wide variety of software tools. We ensured all this in our premier institute. Our platform also offers you the opportunity to learn countless strategies, all in one place and in no time at all. Our primary focus is to educate and upgrade market participants to the current market standards by offering distinct modules and expert programs on Trading, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, and Portfolio & Risk Management. All our courses are designed in a way that they impart the theoretical as well as the practical aspect of the niche to individuals.

Tech Funda can easily be regarded as one of the fast growing financial education hubs in India today. We have an extensive faculty of well experienced trainers & traders, as well as the qualified financial consultants who provide daily coaching sessions on how to trade more consistently and profitably and develop all required skills. In addition to that, we boast of a large community of traders and investors who come to us to learn the tricks of the trade and leave with an enhanced skill-set as well as unparalleled confidence of professional traders.

The best thing about joining Tech Funda is that we have modules designed for all skill levels. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional trader looking to take an advanced course, we can help you out! We also assist high school and university students who have finance as a subject in augmenting their skills and learning the basics of the industry from scratch. This helps them find excellent jobs in the future.We offer professional trading courses as well as programs for beginners in our state-of-the-art institute, accompanied by a wide range of study materials to support your learning. In addition to that, all our classes cover a gamut of trading styles and asset classes from Short Term Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, and Investment Theory for Stocks to Exchange Traded Funds, Options, Futures (Eminis & Commodities) and Currencies.

It is also noteworthy that our financial courses are geared towards a wide variety of individual investors & traders, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same set of tools and trading techniques as professional traders themselves. Our courses offer a complete education and market experience, concentrating on Trading Fundamentals, Technical Analysis, Risk Management, and highly-developed skills of execution for virtually any trading instrument.

Once the mechanism of financial trading has been learned, trainees may opt to spend an additional training period in our classroom, which enables them to choose the area of studies that best fits their chosen trading styles, asset class, and learning purpose. We also provide demo trading in the class, for better understanding and exposure. Our trainers are well-equipped, industry experts who can help you become professionals in the field with the help of their guidance and cutting-edge software as well as equipment.

If you are looking to attain all the know-how of the field of financial markets from industry experts, get in touch with Tech Funda Academy today for an all-round education!


We live in an age where competition is our second nature. Therefore, we aim to equip all individuals with the necessary tools and armor needed to excel in the field of stock markets.This endeavor of Tech Funda Academy is a step in the right direction that is aimed to educate individuals across the country in stock markets.

This institute was established with a vision to create more jobs for talented individuals and at the same time, ensure that young individuals who are fresh out of their university education can get attractive job offers, thanks to their enhanced skill-set. At the same time, we also target market enthusiasts who have the basic knowledge but wish to enhance their learning to become certified market professionals in the field.

Join one of the stock market courses at Tech Funda Academy, located at Kaushambi in Delhi NCR, and learn about stock markets and everything that it entaisl from our industry experts!

Atul Kumar Gupta


Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta

Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta is the Director of the Adroit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Backed by over 24-years of experience, Mr. Gupta is a well-known name in the Indian financial industry. He has a natural flair for nurturing and cultivating the culture of innovation and his out of the box thinking helps him to pick the opportunities that are not visible to others. Mr. Gupta is involved in taking strategic decisions and managing risks. He has also successfully helped the company to wade through the turbulent times in the financial markets. He has led several successful initiatives for the company in the past. Given his keen business acumen, Mr. Gupta has been solely responsible for scaling the derivatives business at the company. An able and proficient multi-tasker with an eye for perfection, Mr. Gupta has not only lived up to the expectations of his team as a leader but has also created high standards for everyone at Adroit.

Mr. Rakesh Gupta

Mr. Rakesh Gupta is another Director of tech funda academy. with a similar vision. He is a seasoned professional in the field and has trained several enthusiasts in arbitrage operations who wished to carve their own niche in the industry. His vision of Tech Funda involves inspiring a passion for learning. Through the center, he aims to provide an innovative and engaging learning experience where the faculty, students as well as staff can work in a highly collaborative environment to ensure rich teaching as well as learning at all levels. Their message to the community is as follows.